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When it comes to designing an England shirt, there’s no one better placed than Martine Rose. Since launching her eponymous label in 2007, the London designer has cultivated a world around communities, tribes and subcultures. One that explores the freedom that comes with being a fan. Her Nike x Martine Rose “The Lost Lionesses” Shirt is no different. A genderless shirt inspired by the fearless England women’s team of 1971 – you can read about them below – it’s a subversive take on a recognised icon. Featuring the ­England crest on one side and a Martine Rose crest, inspired by the 1971 badge, on the other, it’s a fully reversible, fully-­freaking-convertible supporters’ shirt that’s out in July, just in time to bask in England’s inevitable Euros glory (don’t quote us on that). You’re getting a first look here in THE FACE, ­alongside an all-star cast of athletes, artists, and Martine’s friends and family that represent a unified England NOW. So, as Ron ­Manager once said: grab your jumpers for goalposts. This is free expression. Theory out the window. Uncategorisable. Is that a word? It is now!

Rosie Marks

Tamara Rothstein

Isabel Bush

Click here to read our interview with Martine

Janice Emms, Jordan Nobbs, Chris Lockwood

Jordan Nobbs

Leah Williamson


Javarn Pitterson (Martine's cousin)

Mason Mount

Janice and Gail Emms 

“You can’t really put it into words, that feeling of playing for your country.
It’s the pinnacle of football” - Mason Mount

What would a new England look like to you? A fish and chip shop on nearly every corner. Lots of kindness and everyone being there for each other – Afrinya Decardi-Nelson, 11

Clifford Rose (Martine’s dad)

Justin Bond

Steven Pizzoli

Taiwo Aladenola

Curtly Thomas (and Rashad)


Paulette King & Afrinya Decardi-Nelson


If you could choose anyone to be prime minister, who would it be and why? My daughter. Certainly not Boris Johnson – Clifford Rose (Martine’s dad)

Miles From Kinshasa

Mike Silva

Roxy Lee

Frankie and Oscar Phillips

Josiane MH Pozi

Talent: Martine Rose, Taiwo, Steve Pozzoli, Mike Silva, Gail Emms and Jannice Emms, Chris Lockwood, Jordan Nobbs, ENNY, Blackhaine, Paulette King and Afrinya, Leah Williamson, Javarn, Josiane, Sherelle, Clifford Rose, Curtly and Rashad, Justin Bond, Miles, Roxy Lee and Tyrone, Oscar and Frankie, Mason Mount

Hair Blake Henderson. Make-up Martine Belfon-Rose. Prop stylist Polly Philp @ Magnet.
Photographer’s assistants Evie Shandilya and Vasilis Kalegias. Stylist’s assistants Rosie Sykes and Freya Reeves. Hair Assistants Harriet Beidleman and Chloe Pearson. Make-up assistant Aieyesha Beattie.
Production DoBeDo Represents. Digital Operator Tom North. Cake Lily Vanilli @lily_vanilli_cake. Digital Director: Brooke McCord